About Us

Junkyard Gypsies was born in the heart and soul of Mel and Donna, two passionate vintage hunters with an eye for quality and unique style. With a true love of fashion from bygone eras and textiles in their blood, they have long been fuelled by the hunt, excited by rare finds and inspired by the beauty of vintage and pre-loved pieces. A piece of history, memories and soul live on in the vintage we own and wear. We love being given the opportunity to write our own tale when giving second hand pieces a new home. The Junkyard forever takes pride in the knowledge that our products will one day be passed onto another blessed soul who feels their own organic connection. Our small Junkyard Gypsies team truly love what we do, and the privilege of helping our customers brings so much joy. Junkyard Gypsies welcome you to our love of vintage offered with spirit, laughter, originality and shared memories. 


Here at the Junkyard, creativity is at the heart of everything we do. Blurring the lines between modern and vintage, blending styles and reworking pieces to become treasured new belongings is our passion. In our soulful space open mindedness is encouraged and shoppers can be inspired to think outside the square, try something new or build on their own personality and style. Inevitably we hope to influence those around us to be consciously stylish by choosing recycled, vintage and natural fibres. 


JYG is devoted to sharing our wisdom through knowledge of style, shape and fabrics. We offer our trained eye and heartfelt service to each and every customer, from tiny tots to gorgeous grannies. We always encourage confidence in finding garments and products which reflect inner beauty and individual style all the while being conscious of embracing slow fashion and rejuvenating Mother Earth.


JYG is our platform to provide you with timeless, curated vintage you can purchase through pure love and attachment. Our wish is to reach out and lead society towards finding new and loving homes for clothing and products which already exist, waiting to be repurposed and loved once more. This in turn will help lead the fashion industry to become as recyclable and sustainable as humanly possible. 


JYG was born from the seeds of Mel’s childhood dream. It gives the greatest joy that this dream has been realised, and grown into something much larger than ever imagined, beginning trading in a hidden away loft space the Junkyard doors opened for the first time in November 2016. Mel and Donna’s business partnership of 11 years is based on true friendship, respect and creative fun. Our beautiful space has been purposely created with intuition, heart and soul. It is a place where every imperfection is perfect and everyone is welcomed. We believe that every piece of history we acquire is divinely guided and will always find the perfect place to belong once again. As said in the Junkyard “If it is meant to be, it will be.” 


This is our opportunity as a community who cherishes fashion and special pieces to honour Mother Earth by paying forward beautiful products and keeping them out of landfill. There is an endless amount of beautiful goods already manufactured for the world to own and love. Come step inside our doors and join us along our journey towards a sustainable future and an eco-friendly fashion industry.